Specialists for more than 30 years

– We just do it!

The Daniel Gruppe is specialisied on the production and supply of special and drawing parts from different materials. As a globally operating company we are often the first contact partner for various sectors, from industry to handcraft, from plant engineering to metal and steel construction and many others. We always follow a pragmatic approach and as a powerful service partner we are pleased when everything runs smoothly.

Our customers appreciate our uncomplicated way which makes almost everything possible: fast, reliable, price sensitive at an outstanding quality level. We possess sound technical knowledge and technical thinking which both have accumulated over the last 30 years. Qualified experts of all departments surely inspire: Process consultants, inventors, developers, manufacturer, QA specialists and global logistics providers.

Our business divisions

The focus of our production is cold and hot forming along with machining and punching / bending / lasering. A comprehensive assortment of DIN and standard parts round off our range of products as a service provider for joining elements.

Our range of products includes both proven and innovative technology. We carefully monitor the market development and take care of providing the latest production technology. There is practically nothing we cannot realize for our customers. An open and productive dialogue with our customers and prospects is therefore essential.

Rich in history, and even a brighter future

More than 30 years ago, Christian Daniel entered the market with the aim to offer trade and sales of joining elements faster, more efficiently and at a more favourable price. With great success: In the era of gobalisation, IT revolution and new production and management systems the market was ready for innovative ideas.

We could convince our customers with our competence. Following their requirements we have increasingly focused on producing and supplying custom and drawing parts and combined our range of products with a comprehensive service package from the consultation and design to quality assurance and individual logistics solutions. The Daniel Gruppe arouse from the various product ranges.