We do it for you: Individual solutions for supply and warehousing

Systematic efficiency: Our DKS & DOS direct supply

Especially small low-volume products cause progressive costs within a company. By using our proven intelligent supply system, purchasing costs can be reduced significantly. Based on a status-quo analysis we develop a warehouse management process for all those parts which are defined as C-parts according to your ranking of the value. We organize purchasing, logistics, warehousing, quality assurance and delivery. We flexibly adjust to all processes and requirements. We would also be happy to provide you with a complete inventory management system. We monitor your inventories at individual intervals and automatically restock. DKS stands for Daniel Kanban system. We supply you with filled Kanban containers to your goods receiving department or directly to the point of use. 

We developed the Daniel-Order-System (DOS) for customers with a fluctuating flow or goods or frequently changing products. Here, restocking is initiated by a scanner. 

Here you can download the appropriate software.

Our logistics systems are perfect for almost all C-parts, e.g. standard parts, drawing parts, electrical parts, ball bearings, seals, assembly material.

Advantages of the Direct Order System


Uncomplicated handling
Simplified stock-taking
Supplier reduction


Effective purchasing process
Systematical and clear warehousing
Article optimisation by product range analysis 


Reduced process costs
Less capital being tied up by reducing stock inventories
Reduced volume of waste


100% Security of supply
Highest quality based on several certifications

Matthias Nietsch

Matthias Nietsch

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