Cold forming / Cold extrusion by specialists

Converting steel and other materials into high-quality joining elements

We use the cold forming technique, also referred to as cold extrusion, to produce both hollow and solid parts using a single- or multi-stage manufacturing process. During this process, presses with a high closing force form the material (e.g. 1.401, 1.4301, 1.4401, cu2n36, etc.) in several steps at high pressure until the desired shape is created.

Cold forming is commonly used to produce adjusting bolts, claw screws and suspension bolts. Overall, this metal forming technique brings its benefits to bear where a high degree of deformation and maximum accuracy of fit are needed.

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Adjusting Pin

Application Purpose: Building trade
Dimensions: Ø 12,5 / M10 x 15
Material: Steel, yellow chromated

  • Asymmetrical octagon (1)
  • Cone point aligned at spannerflat (2)
  • Inner thread mechanically reworked (3)

Claw screw

Application Purpose: Timber constructions
Dimensions: Head.-24 / M5 x 55
Material: Steel, galvanized

  • Very high deformation degree, head to shaft (1)
  • Reduced to smallest -Ø4, (2)
  • Claws cold-pressed produced (3)
  • Rolled slot, complicated cold-pressed geometry, no mechanical rework required (4)

Holding pin

Application Purpose: Safety engineering
Dimensions: Ø32 x 71,5
Material: Steel, galvanized

  • Highest fitting accuracy (1)
  • Groove & inner thread mechanically reworked, change from turning part to cold-pressed part - Advantage: less material, cheaper, faster production (2)
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