Hot forming of various materials

Hot forming as a metal forming technique for complex shapes

We employ the hot forming technique to produce components that are characterised by high strength, complex shapes and reduced springback effects. Hot forming involves the forming of components at high temperatures while still soft. The products of this metal forming technique are sturdy, high-strength components designed to meet the high requirements of everyday use. Depending on the material and the purpose of use, the Daniel Group will find the ideal metal forming technique together with the customer to obtain perfect results.

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Flange Screw

Application Purpose: Container construction
Dimensions: M 8 x 1 x 479
Material: Steel 5.6, galvanized


Application Purpose: Hall construction
Dimensions: M 24 x 238
Material: Steel 8.8, galvanized

Height Adjustment

Application Purpose: Automotive
Dimensions: TR 20 x 2,5 x 275
Material: Steel, waxed

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