Open-die – turning blanks into screws

Affordable metal forming technique for adjusting screws, cylinder-head screws, pivot bolts and other products

In order to keep the production costs low, we use the “open-die” metal forming technique in many cases. During this process, blanks are pressed into a half-shell shape to enable a tapered cross section. This metal forming technique even permits slot widths in the µm range, thereby ensuring not only cost-effective production but also combination machining with special thread types. Adjusting screws and pivot bolts, for example, are quite different, but the open-die technique is ideally suited to implement both at low cost.

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Adjusting Screw

Application Purpose: Fixture Construction
Dimensions: M8 x 42
Material: Steel, yellow chromated

  • Slot width in the µm range (1)

Central Screw

Application Purpose: Ski Sports
Dimensions: 6,2 x 29,90
Material: High-tensile steel
Special Requirements: Combination machining, special threads

Hardness Adjusting Screw

Application Purpose: Ski binding
Dimensions: M 6 x 0,75 x 24
Material: Manganese-boron steel
Special Requirements: Combined machining, left-hand thread

Pivot Bolt

Application Purpose: Furniture
Dimensions: M 8 x 44
Material: Steel, bright

Cylinder Screw

Application Purpose: Automotive
Dimensions: M 6 x 10,8
Material: Steel 10.9, bronzed

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