CNC milling for customised milled parts

Our 3D milling machines transform all your ideas into tangible milled parts

A mix of conventional and 5-axis milling machines guarantees the three-dimensional shaping of a wide range of materials. With maximum accuracy of fit, our CNC milling machines turn simple galvanised steel into complex prisms, which are used in the packaging industry. The requirements for the milled parts differ depending on the area of application and the customers’ wishes. However, this does not make any difference for our milling machines, since they always deliver perfect results. Find out for yourself about our milled products and rely on a long-term partner specialising in CNC milling to realise all your ideas of milled parts.

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Lifting Link

Application Purpose: Agricultural Machine
Dimension: 100 x 60 x 20
Material: Galvanized steel

  • Bearing tolerance (1)


Application Purpose: Packaging machine
Dimension: 60 x 150 x 20
Material: Steel, galvanized

  • Prism angle (1)
  • Sung Fit (2)
  • Recess to reduce weight (3)

Upper Plate

Application Purpose: Measurement technology
Dimension: 100 x 165 x 50
Material: Steel, galvanized

  • Highest fitting accuracy (2µm) (1)
  • Position accuracy (2)
  • Angle accuracy (3)

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