CNC turning for high-precision turned products

Shafts, axles and ball plugs – CNC turned parts for any application

Our turned products are manufactured using automated CNC turning and machining centres. This enables us to produce even complex parts at favourable cost and on a high quality level. CNC turning permits not only the machining of a wide range of materials, such as 42CrMoS4, QT and V2A, but also maximum precision. These CNC turned parts are subsequently employed as stems in valves, as microcomponents in heat exchangers or as axles in ATMs. The material is initially irrelevant – aluminium, brass, free-cutting steel and other materials are the ideal basis for our CNC turning machines to meet the customer’s wishes.

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Shifting Shaft

Application Purpose: Valve technology
Dimension: Ø 20 x 100
Material: 42CrMoS4, QT

  • Precision turned fit (1)
  • Precision drilling (2)


Application Purpose: Heat exchanger
Dimension: Ø 25 x 60
Material: V2A

  • Precision turned model (1)
  • 3 point clamping (2)
  • Ball gloss finished (3)

Coil axis

Application Purpose: Cash Dispenser
Dimension: 4kt 5 x 102
Material: V2A blackened

  • Highest surface quality (1)
  • Highest distance accuracy (2)
  • Small scale shaping (3)

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